Our Management


Dr. Lukas Roehrs

Lukas has over 15 years of experience in management and technology based consulting, which of 8 years in the apparel industry. He is been acting as the interface between business and technology with deep understanding of both sides of the same medal. He is providing methods of “Big 4” consulting companies, where he spend the first years of his career, combined with academic insights.

He founded venture businesses and acted as entrepreneur where he is still a Business Angel for new business in Europe. Today he provides his expertise contributing to the vision of consulting evolution – starting here at 39-Grad. Lukas provides strategy consulting, project leading abilities and IT management skills. He is our competence in overall End-to-End textile processes. Lukas studied informatics and represent our link between business and systems e.g. ERP and other systems.

Dr. Christoph Haupenthal

Christoph’s career started with academic achievements which were transferred into consulting career with one of the “Big 4” consulting companies – Deloitte Consulting. Christoph supported and led changes in companies from different industries, like chemical industry, BioTech sector or automotive. With all his experiances he started an sucesfull online business and later returne to team up with 39-Grad and to share our vision of consulting evolution we drive. Christoph is our cost cutting and optimization expert in all processes and provide a variaty of onsights from different businesses and economical sectors.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Achim Hecker

Besides being the dean of the university Seeburg Castle, Achim is owning the chair in innovation management at that university and is driving innovation at 39-Grad, transferring his concepts into optimal solutions for the clients. His is dedicated to drive changes and optimize organizational set-up.

Achim also experiences a career at the McKinsey’s Consulting Practice and has deep insights in several industries. Achim is responsible for innovation and academic up link of our organization – representing our consulting approach.

Herbert Binder

After his studies at the leading German university for Business Administration, Herbert dedicated his career to the fashion industry – processes, fulfillment and technology, getting one of the gurus of the delivery in that industry. Herbert has deep insights in apparel processes, especially in sales, marketing, wholesales, retail and outlet processes. Moreover Herbert is our bridge into the ERP and all related tools world – after her experienced several projects in this area.

Florian Lüft

Florian is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur in the area of fast fashion and online business. After his successful exit from his businesses he decided to team up with 39-Grad to share our vision of consulting in the future.

Florian is our expert in integration of all business and technology areas and focusing those on sales and market. His topic is omni-channel excellence. Moreover Florian is managing our partner network and the coordination with supported ventures.