We live the evolution – we are advisors for fashion companies – and we understand strategy, sales, process and technology – and the importance of seamless messaging and branding.

We believe in the evolution of the consulting approach –

• We do not provide either management or technology consulting,

• We do not provide a school bus of youngsters or one senior consultant only,

• We do not talk “independent” but try to sell you man power and “partner” tools.

But we strive to bring the consulting approach a step ahead – providing world class consulting services but stepping ahead from classical consulting models – in technology and management consulting:

• We believe in mixed teams build up of different skills – including the technology, process and strategy skill as for all topics as we live in highly integrated world and interactive environments – no matter if in IT or in Stores or when talking to our Partners.

• We believe in the power of innovation – this is why we strive to involve leading edge research and science insights including academic partners of even philosophers in our partner network – as we never can define at the very beginning of a technology or concept which will be the „killer app“.

• This is why we are specialists in integration and omni-channel.

• This is also why our management team is acting as business angels and monitoring a number of new ideas, participating in the Venturate.com business platform.

• We believe in practices which we can learn from – even outside our industry – this is why we involve experts from across all industries and backgrounds.

• We believe in our concepts – and we want to bring them alive with you – let us take over the responsibility for the implementation and go-live and let us learn together and even re-lunch as a team.

• We share the risk with you – as we belive in our results

We are one company – no partner networks or freelancers

This is because we:

Our team is formed by successful enterprenues who already scored in the market and did the exit – „we did it once!“ We „do“ our projects because we need the challenge – as advisors, „doers“, investors – „we seek the challenge!“

Our concepts take the whole company into account and we know what will work and what will not work – „ take small steps and learn from the others“ Finally we share the risks – as we trust in our results – „give us responsibility!“